My box of pictures

It's true what they say -

one day, all we are is a box of pictures. 

Let's be honest, there are plenty of reasons we tell ourselves to NOT take pictures.

"I need to lose/gain weight, I don't like my hair, I don't want to seem self-absorbed, people won't care to see these pictures of me/us" You don't. You look great. You're not. People who love you will.

Life is far, far too short. Believe me.

I lost both my parents before thirty and all I wanted was pictures with them.

When all we are is a box of pictures, our children and surviving loved ones won't care about those silly things - so why do we? It's all about the moments, the memories, and the feelings - because while life does what it tends to do and things change, the pictures never do. The feelings live on.  Forever.

 So moving forward, I'd like to think of this page as less of a portfolio, and more of an ever-filling box of pictures.  I can't wait to help you fill yours ♥️

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